[Updated] Thai Lottery Second Paper 2019 Tips

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Thai Lottery 2nd Papers MAGAZINE Tips. The 2nd paper is for All 3up Sure number & two digit number.

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Thai Lottery 2nd Papers MAGAZINE Tips

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Thai Lottery Second Paper

Thai Lottery 2nd Papers Awards

Specialists from different offices will come and different visitors who are from private and open divisions and from media will come to an observer in issuing 10 prizes.

By the director of the BOD each honour being administrator of the honour, as indicated by the accompanying advances

1 First of all the chief of the board check the cleanliness of the gear in detail before prizing.

2 Secondly, the administrator will issue a sound honour, take an elastic ball and set it in the wheel the entire number of 6 digits will introduce in the deal as indicated by ten hundred thousand, thousand hundred thousand.

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3 The instructional group gives a reward to check the gear totally, issue another prize. Before beginning a prize set the quantities of the wheel out for the prize box as president.

4 Ball picks for prize position, second position shading ball is yellow and for third is pink. A programmed machine is utilized to take the ball.

5 Now wheel will be turned by the staff of different offices and each fourth and fifth position will be declared for the fourth green shading ball is utilized and for fifth silver, shading is utilized.

6 After the finishing of second and fifth, the administrator of the board of guardians will issue the prize.